Crypto Trading Strategies And Methods To Earn Up To $1 Million

Important Bitcoin trading strategies and methods

1- Direct Bitcoin Flipping

One of the B easier ından ways to earn money by trading bitcoins is to reverse BTC repeatedly. In this scenario, Bitcoin is purchased for a specific price and is sold immediately when a profit starts to occur. These small gains must be sufficient to compensate for any transaction costs associated with the exchange, since there is no point in following this method.

This method requires advance capital to be successful. Having at least one full Bitcoin, it will be a good start even at $ 6400. In this trading method, a good amount of orders must be stretched for each day, but with sufficient effort, it is possible to achieve a return of $ 1 million per year. This is a method that can lead to Obsessive Crypto Para Disorder, so it shows that some kind of restriction is very important when chasing small profits.

2- Margin trading

For those who don’t have real patience when it comes to Bitcoin trading, margin trading will bring much higher returns, but it can also lead to much greater losses. It is a bit more passive gerek of bitcoin trade because it does not require having a crypto currency.

Margin trading allows users to create leverage positions to determine whether the value of Bitcoin will increase or decrease. It allows traders to earn money if the price of Bitcoin falls, adding to the opportunity of more than 1 million kilometers. However, without proper technical analysis skills, margin trading is not something to start. Nobody wants to be liquidated in their first trade and lose money in this process.

3- Altcoin Gamble

While the use of altcoins is somehow far from Bitcoin trading, most altcoins are being traded against BTC these days. The use of altcoins allows users to increase their overall Bitcoin assets over time. This makes it easier to reduce a hit rate of $ 1 million a year. There are thousands of tokens, assets, and currencies to choose from, but not all of them provide extraordinary profits. You have to make the right choice.

According to any indication of 2018, using subcoins to win more Bitcoins is becoming a bit risky. Many large altcoin disappointed investors throughout the year. The use of altcoins is a high-risk, high-reward strategy consisting of technical analysis, active trading and a large number of different exchanges. At the end you can profit, but it is never recommended to take unnecessary risks

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