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September 23, 2022 by Coinvasity
Disclaimer: The Industry Talk section features insights by crypto industry players and is not a part of the editorial content of over 50 million users and support for more than 250 cryptocurrencies, has been a popular exchange platform for crypto asset investors and traders since 2016.Whether you’re just joining the platform or

Disclaimer: The Industry Talk section features insights by crypto industry players and is not a part of the editorial content of
With over 50 million users and support for more than 250 cryptocurrencies, has been a popular exchange platform for crypto asset investors and traders since 2016.
Whether you’re just joining the platform or you’re a current user, you’ll be able to benefit from the referral code program and its rewards. In this article, we’ll cover what you need to know about the bonus code and highlight everything you need to know about the promotion.
The referral code program lets users earn up to $50 in Cronos (CRO) by meeting some requirements shown in the table below.
*Just the first CRO Stake amount is taken into account for the sign-up bonus
**Earned CRO from staking is not counted towards the First CRO staking requirement
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Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product. app
Using the ongoing promo code lets both new and existing users earn bonus CRO, the native token of the blockchain. When new users register with a referral code, they are eligible for the sign-up bonus after meeting certain terms such as an initial CRO crypto staking requirement.
The entire bonus code program can be fully availed of through just the App or Exchange. The greater the amount of CRO initially staked, the higher the referral bonus is for the referrer. 
As with any promotional program, the invite code requires both referrers and referees to meet certain terms and conditions. Let’s take a look at these requirements: staking page
The referee will earn $10 or $50, depending on how much CRO they initially stake. If the referee’s first stake amounts to between 1,000 and 4,999 CRO (equal to around $110 to $550 at the time of writing), they are eligible to earn the $10 worth of CRO. If the first stake is equal to 5,000 or more CRO, the referee will earn the full $50.
In this term, it’s important to note that the referral code bonus takes into account only the first CRO stake of the referee. This means that the minimum stake required to earn the bonus is 1,000 CRO. Any CRO that is earned after the initial staking does not count towards the first stake for the referral program.
Aside from having to buy CRO and staking a certain amount of it, another condition that must be met for users is to have their accounts verified to the advanced level. This will require more information from the user aside from the KYC verification from the initial account registration.
The required information includes:
If you recently signed up with but forgot to use a referral code, still allows users to avail of the bonus within 10 days of account creation. 
To do this, simply login to your account on the Exchange and head to the Referral page. Click on ‘Enter a referral code here’ to input the invite code which you can submit afterward. referral
Referees can earn $10 or $50, but the Exchange referral program lets the referrer get up to $2,000 in CRO per friend that is referred. There are also no referral limits so the referrer can earn rewards from as many friends that meet the requirements.
Below is a table of the promo code program per referee’s amount of first CRO staked:
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Additionally, the referrer is also eligible to earn 50% of their referee’s net trading fees for the 12 months starting from the date of the referee’s registration.
This includes trading on the exchange platform as well as earnings from staking and the commission is applied after discounts for both activities. 
For referrers to qualify for the 50% commission from their referees’ fees, their accounts must be fully KYC verified at the Advanced level just. 
They should have also staked at least 1,000 CRO on their Exchange accounts. After these conditions have been met, the promotion commission is paid daily to the referrer’s CRO wallet. uses two different platforms, the App and the Exchange. 
The platforms have separate and unique referral codes so if you’re a sole Exchange user, your referral code cannot be used by someone registering for the App and vice versa. 
Make sure that your referral code is compatible with the platform where your referees will register.
The $50 promotion offer might be the platform’s main and biggest referral bonus, but more bonuses are produced throughout the year. 
Currently, there is one other referral bonus that is active which we’ll go through below. visa referral
The Visa Card invite bonus, or BG25 referral program, lets users get $25 in CRO once their referee successfully stakes CRO and reserves at least a Metal Ruby Steel card. 
Referees can easily unlock their $25 sign-up bonus after registering their account with the referral code. After signing up on the app, they’ll be led to open a Metal Ruby Steel Visa Card which requires a minimum 1,000 CRO stake and a holding period of 180 days.
The referrer gets the $25 of CRO locked in their DeFi wallet per successful referral which can be tracked in the App.
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Here’s how to claim the referral code for summarized in a short list:
To break down the process even further, here’s a step-by-step guide to start with the promotion.
All current users can find their referral code on the Referral page of their Exchange accounts. Not only do users have access to a referral code but also to a referral link which can be shared for new users to instantly sign up with the referral code filled in.
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Once you have the referral code, head to the website to sign up for an account. You may also download the App through the App Store or Google Play Store for your account registration.
On the sign-up sheet, fill in the required details such as email, mobile number, and password. At the bottom of the form is the ‘Referral Code’ portion where you can enter the referral code from the previous step.
After account registration, you’ll be prompted for a general account verification which involves a one-time verification link and code sent to your email and mobile phone. 
To avail yourself of the referral bonus, you’ll need to complete the Advanced level of verification with This simply requires your input of a full legal name, access to your camera for a live photo, and a picture of a valid ID. The platform will process the files and inform you upon the completion of the advanced verification. buy crypto
On the Exchange platform, click on the Trade button on the navigation bar and search for the Cronos cryptocurrency. Upon entering the CRO price page, you’ll find a price chart of CRO to USD.
Click on the Buy CRO button and choose either bank card or bank transfer for the payment method. Fill in the amount of CRO you wish to purchase and click. It is recommended to buy at least 1,000 CRO to be able to meet the staking requirement for the sign-up bonus. stake cro
Lastly, you’ll need to make your first CRO stake through the interest account or wallet. On the Exchange site, click on Yield and CRO Staking on the navigation bar. You’ll enter the Stake & Earn page where you can click on the ‘Stake Crow Now’ button and enter the amount of CRO you wish to stake.
You’ll need to stake at least 1,000 CRO to avail of the $10 sign-up bonus and at least 5,000 CRO if you want to claim the $50 promo. After making your very first CRO stake with these requirements, your CRO referral funds will be transferred to your CRO wallet.
Visit Now is a crypto exchange platform that offers several crypto-based financial products. Among these products is the Exchange, a crypto market trading platform with spot, margin, and derivatives trading features. Cronos is the blockchain that powers the ecosystem which includes its DeFi products, Web3 projects, and metaverse programs.
In terms of overall user experience, the Exchange is straightforward for new traders to get accustomed to. Users have access to the platform’s wide range of educational resources as well as 24/7 customer support. Navigation across the platform is simple and effective for both mobile and web platforms. dashboard
The Exchange spot market offers over 400 cryptocurrency pairs and lets its users invest and trade the best new cryptocurrencies available. These coins and tokens are categorized under DeFi, DEX, NFT, Metaverse, Yield Farming, and more. Charts on the exchange are integrated with TradingView which features some of the top analytical tools and indicators for crypto trading.
One of the newest features on the Exchange is access to trading robots. These bots automate trading strategies by automatically placing and executing orders based on preset parameters determined and placed by the user. On the platform, two types of trading bots are offered: the Dollar-Cost Averaging (DCA) bot and the Grid bot. chart
Funding your account can be done through multiple different payment methods. The platform accepts ACH transfers, bank cards, wire transfers, e-wallets, and crypto deposits from other wallets. Fiat deposits are free for SWIFT and FEDWIRE transfer methods.
Check out our review to learn more about the key features, fees, and overall trading experience with the exchange.
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The referral code program stands to benefit both the current user and the user’s referees. New users have the chance to earn up to $50 by initially staking at least 5,000 CRO but can earn even just $10 with just 1,000 CRO staked.
On the other hand, the user who successfully refers others can earn up to $2,000 in CRO and can at least get $10 as well. Additionally, the referrer has the chance to earn 50% of the net trading fee of referees for the next 12 months. 
The best part of this promotion is that users can refer as many friends as they can and both parties get to benefit from the referral. Having to stake that much CRO to get the bonuses might be quite the commitment for new investors, but users can earn up to 8% APR for 180 days of staking. 
Start earning interest on your cryptocurrencies today and avail yourself of’s sign-up bonus by clicking on the link below.
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Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product.
How do I get a referral code?
In your Exchange account, go to the Referral page and find your referral code and link which you can share with your friends. The App also has a referral code which can be found on the app itself.
How do I get $25 on’s BG25 Referral Program gives $25 worth of CRO for both the referee and the referred person after the latter has signed up, verified their account, and staked CRO with a Visa Card.
Does have a sign-up bonus? has a sign-up referral bonus where both the user who uses the referral code and the user who provides the referral code gain CRO based on certain requirements.
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