8 Best Penny Cryptocurrency with the Highest Potential – Crypto News Flash

8 Best Penny Cryptocurrency with the Highest Potential – Crypto News Flash

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November 2, 2022 by Coinvasity
Finding the best penny cryptocurrency to invest in can often be a rather profitable strategy. However, finding these impulsive assets is a difficult task. Throughout this guide, we’ll share the best penny cryptocurrency to buy now as well as seven other assets with nearly as much potential for growth. Let’s take a look. For investors simply needing

Finding the best penny cryptocurrency to invest in can often be a rather profitable strategy. However, finding these impulsive assets is a difficult task. 
Throughout this guide, we’ll share the best penny cryptocurrency to buy now as well as seven other assets with nearly as much potential for growth. Let’s take a look. 
For investors simply needing a push in the right direction, we’ve summarized the best penny crypto to buy below. In-depth reviews of each project can be found in the next section.
Dash 2 Trade (D2T) is a crypto intelligence, analytics, and signals platform, created to provide traders and investors with accurate information that can be used to improve decision-making. The ERC-based D2T token has already raised over $4 million since its presale went live, earning it the title of the best penny cryptocurrency to invest in

D2T features a fixed supply of 1 billion tokens, 700 million of which are available to investors during the Dash 2 Trade presale. The token is taxless, helping to facilitate trading and listings on centralized exchanges. 
Helping to keep demand strong, the D2T token is used to purchase a membership for the Dash 2 Trade platform. The following tiers are available:
The Dash 2 Trade presale is split into nine stages with the price of D2T progressively increasing. Initially, D2T was sold for $0.0476, however, after the first stage sold out, this increased to $0.05. During the ninth and final stage, D2T will be sold for $0.0662.

Some of the most useful features on the Dash 2 Trade platform include a ranking system for upcoming ICOs/presales, a host of buyer sentiment and market metrics, an API for automated trading, and a platform to build and backtest trading strategies.  
It’s easy to see why Dash 2 Trade is considered by many to be the best penny cryptocurrency to invest in. The Dash 2 Trade platform provides an immense amount of useful tools while the D2T token benefits from strong tokenomics and a real use case. Check out Dash 2 Trade today before prices increase during the next presale stage. 
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IMPT is a sustainable cryptocurrency that aims to improve the $273 billion carbon offset market using NFT technology. This concept has attracted attention from sustainability-focused investors, leading IMPT to raise an impressive $11 million since its launch. 

IMPT will undergo three phases during its presale. During the first (now sold out), IMPT tokens were sold for $0.018, during the second tokens are selling for $0.023, and during the third, the price will increase to $0.028. IMPT has a fixed supply of 3 billion tokens, with 1.8 billion reserved for presale investors.
Traditionally, the carbon credit market lacks transparency and is plagued with bad actors. IMPT is set to change this by tokenizing carbon credits and working exclusively with environmental organizations that have been audited by a third party. 
IMPT has created multiple ways for people to get carbon credits. In addition to being purchasable, users can earn IMPT tokens, exchangeable for carbon credits by shopping with over 10,000 leading brands. Companies can also partner with IMPT to allocate a portion of their sales margin to certified environmental organizations. 
With tokens selling for just $0.023, IMPT is perhaps the best penny cryptocurrency to buy now. The project is packed with intrinsic value and with the presale selling out far ahead of expectations, it’s worth checking out IMPT sooner rather than later. 
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Calvaria (RIA) is a highly competitive crypto card game similar to Magic: The Gathering Arena and utilizes NFT technology to create collectible digital items. The presale has been performing well, raising over $350,000 soon after its launch. 

The ERC-based RIA token is used for staking, governance, and purchasing items from the Calvaria store. The eRIA token can be used to pay for card upgrades and will be given to players as a reward for their gameplay. 
Calvaria is in the second stage of its presale with RIA tokens being sold for $0.015, up from $0.01 during the first stage. After each stage, the price of RIA will incrementally increase until it hits $0.055 during the tenth stage, making Calvaria perhaps the best penny crypto to buy for early investors. 
Many of the most popular crypto games utilize the Ethereum network and as a result, can easily get congested. However, Calvaria has utilized the Polygon network to massively improve scalability while retaining the ERC-20 architecture and security. As such, some speculators believe RIA to be the best crypto under a penny right now. 
With Calvaria being poised to enter a rapidly growing sector, the RIA token could find itself shooting up in value following the conclusion of the Calvaria presale. As such, it could be a good idea to load up on tokens before the next price increase. 
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Tamadoge (TAMA) is a utility-centric play-to-earn meme coin rapidly growing in popularity. The project began life as a presale which quickly sold out raising $19 million. Then, Tamadoge was listed on the OKX exchange and soared to a high of $0.197 from a $0.03 listing price, cementing the token as perhaps the best penny crypto to invest in.

The core gameplay of Tamadoge centers around a Metaverse world known as the Tamaverse. Players can explore this virtual land, raising NFT-based 3D-animated pets along the way. As a player improve the ranking of their pet, they earn Dogepoints, boosting their leaderboard ranking and entitling them to a larger share of the reward pool. 
Tamadoge has recently launched its ultra-rare, rare, and common NFT collections. These NFTs will be usable in the upcoming series of arcade-style games and holders will also be airdropped a Tamadoge puppy with the same stats to be used in the project’s flagship game. 
Tamadoge has already proven itself to be one of the year’s top crypto presales perhaps the best penny crypto to invest in. However, with the launch of the flagship Tamadoge game slated for Q4 2022, we could see some explosive growth from the asset in the coming months.
Polygon (MATIC)  aims to improve scalability in crypto by creating a layer-2 rollup on top of the Ethereum network, a feat that many believe makes the token worthy of the title of the best penny crypto to invest in.

Polygon is backed by Coinbase and Binance, two of the world’s most popular exchanges. As such, the network is massively popular among crypto enthusiasts. Later down the line, Polygon aims to release support for networks other than Ethereum, improving interoperability throughout the crypto space. 
With backing from some of the largest entities within cryptocurrency, Polygon could be the best penny crypto to buy right now. With that said, a number of competing layer-2 solutions have arisen recently. As such, it’s crucial to perform ample due diligence before investing.
Created in 2014 after ex-Ripple employees forked the XRP network, Stellar (XLM) is a crypto project aiming to improve efficiency within the financial sector. The network boasts highly efficient transactions, with fast settlement and low energy usage.

Stellar has successfully gotten its foot in the door of the financial sector, with the crypto project partnering with leading financial institutions including MoneyGram and Circle. This has shone a light on Stellar, leading many to tout the project as the best penny crypto to invest in right now. 
Overall, Stellar boasts an impressive set of features and will likely find itself firmly ingrained within the financial world before long. While it has stiff competition from XRP, XLM’s future-focused approach could give it the edge to become the best crypto under a penny. 
Chiliz (CHZ) is a crypto project that exists to facilitate the creation of fan tokens designed to boost engagement between sports teams and their most loyal supporters. The Chiliz network has given rise to some of the best-known fan tokens, including the Barcelona fan token.

Since its launch, Chiliz has managed to partner with a number of the world’s most famous sports teams, massively boosting demand for the CHZ token. These fan tokens are given utility through the Socios platform which allows fans to vote on various decisions related to the team.
Chiliz has grown in popularity massively over the past year, even leading Binance to create its own fan token ecosystem. Despite increased competition, CHZ remains strong and promises to be perhaps the best penny cryptocurrency to buy now for long-term growth.
Cronos (CRO) is the native asset of the world-famous Crypto.com exchange. Created in 2016, Cronos has a multitude of users within the Crypto.com ecosystem. 

Cronos has a plethora of users. Crypto.com created a tiered system that provides the best value to the largest CRO holders. This tier system is used for determining fees on Crypto.com as well as cashback levels and rewards from the Crypto.com card. 
Any asset with the backing of one of the world’s most popular exchanges will likely perform well. With Crypto.com having plenty of funds to keep the token strong, Cronos could be the best penny cryptocurrency to buy now.
Throughout this article, we’ve taken a look at the best penny cryptocurrency to invest in and discussed a few alternatives. However, during our research, one project consistently came out on top.
Dash 2 Trade offers investors a huge amount of intrinsic value through the creation of an analytical crypto intelligence platform. With the Dash 2 Trade presale selling out far ahead of schedule, there’s no better time to check the project out. 
Visit Dash 2 Trade
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