#AVAX Makes Giant Strides As Price Surges

Like AVAX, Different coins in the market this month of August seem to have experienced a significant spike and many Altcoins in the crypto space have for some reason chosen this time to reach for the skies. Some have exhibited steady progressions while others have been gliding at some incredible paces but all together we have been impressed by some big names alongside some previously not-so-popular names.

Avalanche (AVAX) more specifically in August has shocked everyone with the incredible numbers it hit in the past weeks. In this month alone, it hit a high of 350% which is outrageously high. In this year 2021, AVAX has had its moments of minor setbacks but has been able to recover grounds to become one of the top three most profitable Altcoins to watch out for in August.

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One reason why many investors are choosing Avalanche is the fact that it shows big figures in short time frames and it’s one of the fastest for enabling smart contracts upon blockchain technology. It can also be used to pay for fees and provide a basic unit of account between the multiple subnets on Avalanche. What’s surprising about this coin is while not up to a year of being launched, it has already gone up significantly and still counting. It started at just $10 and now stands at $42.66.

With its recent 350% spike, experts predict that it is fast approaching its all-time highest of $59.94 and might even break through it. So, you may ask why exactly is this coin an attractive option? First off they offer Decentralized Finance (DeFi) which is rapidly growing beyond the limits of one chain. Avalanche is compatible with Ethereum assets, tooling with faster speeds, higher throughput, apps, and lower rates.


Avalanche is also the best verifiable platform for institutions, companies, and governments to launch assets, build applications, and create subnets with complete control over your implementation with compliance, data security, and so on. They are really hot stuff to the 21st-century organizations who engage with crypto and run transactions via these platforms. These increased demand increases prices obviously, making AVAX continue to grow. AVAX allows you to mint your Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) within seconds for less than a cent. You have the chance to showcase and share your collectibles, artworks, and so on without risking the demerits while enjoying the merits.

Imagine an increase of 34% within 24 hours from a coin, this is enough to provoke questions and with the right ones, you will discover a whole lot which has already been stated in this write-up and even more and it would be clear that there is something special about the Avalanche Altcoin. As much as indications point towards a break of the all-time highs, it is still wise to be sure and very calculative before placing a stake in this boom. So be sure to properly count your cost and invest wisely.

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