Crypto Airdrops In 2021: All You Need To Know

Crypto airdrops simply refer to the distribution of free coins into a host of digital wallets. In some cases, interested persons are required to retweet a project or participate in community building for a crypto project. Some of these efforts include finishing up a survey, retweeting a project, etc.

Airdrops are used by crypto projects to create awareness of a token by dispersing it all over the crypto market. And there are plenty of tokens like this that went from nil value to actual value in the real world.

Auroracoins were first issued on March 25, 2014, and all residents in Iceland with permanent resident IDs received 31.8AUR after registration. This was the equivalent of $385. Currently, one AUR is worth $0.07.

Auroracoin (AUR) is such a token. It is one of the most popular and the oldest airdrops in the history of cryptocurrency. Auroracoin was initially the designated crypto gem for citizens of Iceland and it was this initiative was that birthed the term raindrop.

Following the AUR airdrop, a lot of other airdrops joined the wave. Some of them include Decred (DCR) and Stellar (XLM). If you’re reading this and you have plans of making your drop, it would interest you to know that token application creators and initial coin offerings have maximized airdrops as a way of setting up themselves in the crypto economy.

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One of the ways the airdrop movement has been boosted is through long-standing projects such as Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum.  Airdrops have joined the BCH community ever since the advent of the Simple Ledger Protocol token standard. And though you’re just reading about them now, they’ve been around for a while now. Almost every month, new airdrops are up for grabs for crypto enthusiasts.

On SLPs which we mentioned earlier, the SLO Dividend Calculator which Bitcoin.com developed is functional enough to be a platform for sharing airdropped SLO tokens to any authentic token ID.

To use Bitcoin.com, visit the webpage and enter the token ID of the SLP coin you’re airdropping. The next step is to enter the SLP token ID of the receiver plus the total of SLP tokens to be airdropped. Finally, build your transaction and receive the payment invoice which will be in the QR code.

 Now, if you’re more interested in searching for airdrops than creating them, you can simply search online for upcoming airdrops. A good spot to hit is airdrops.io.

On this site, you will get all the latest and most sought-after airdrops. These include:

  • Twitter airdrops
  • Telegram airdrops

Airdrops.io authenticates and pulls up an aggregate of airdrops daily for savvy enthusiasts to make big profits. Some of the airdrops promoted on airdrops.io are giveaways from platforms like:

  • Binance Jex
  • Bitcoin Rhodium
  • Simbcoin
  • Escher
  • Pointpay
  • Daps

With each airdrop, the site outlines specifications of giveaways and how to participate. Some of the popular review websites and airdrop guides out there are airdropalert.com, coinairdrops.com, and airdropter.com.

 Generally, airdrops are shared by owners in two ways:

  1. Letting people know on websites, social media, and forums.
  2. Selecting recipients randomly.

While some crypto users have mentally put airdrops in the garbage can, others regularly scout for free coins. One thing to bear in mind is that government tax agencies may tax airdrop hunters for these giveaways.

Irrespective of this, the existence of cryptocurrency means airdrops will always be around. And you can either grab as many free coins as you want or leverage the superb networking of the crypto community as an airdrop distributor.

So keep your eyes peeled. The crypto industry is overflowing with many opportunities to make good gains.

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