Crypto Wizard @scottmelker Predicts Bitcoin High

It’s no news that the crypto market has recently just recovered from a rough patch that shook things up a bit. The only silver lining to the entire incident is that all gems in the market from Bitcoin to altcoins have been experiencing a steady meteoric rise that has had HODLers and other relevant players smiling in glee.

There’s only one man who isn’t counting his chickens before they are hatched as he dishes out premium predictions for the market. This is the crypto community’s golden boy Scott Melker, strong crypto enthusiast, advisor, and investor, also known as ‘The Wolf of All Streets’, and golden boy has made several clear-cut predictions for the Greatest of Them All: Bitcoin (BTC).

¬†According to one of Scott Melker‘s predictions, Bitcoin (BTC) is likely going to hit its highest peak this year. There’s nothing special about this one prediction as this is pretty obvious thanks to the consistent leaps Bitcoin (BTC) has been taking lately, upping the ante every time.

Undaunted, Scott Melker has sounded the bell on the possibility of Bitcoin (BTC) passing the $100,000 benchmark alongside Ethereum (ETH) to a solid $10,000. The time frame allotted to this development is a maximum of 6-12 months.

Scott Melker states that many have been motivated to invest in Bitcoin (BTC) and many will still catch the fever, thanks to the recent set in motion over the infrastructure for a whopping $1.2 trillion. What Melker hints at is that this passing of this infrastructure bill is more of an indirect promotion for Bitcoin (BTC).

In the projections of Scott Melker, times have changed in a big way and a lot of people in judiciary circles are publicly supporting and advocating for the crypto industry. All of this support are underlying factors as to why so many people are instigated to pump their investment efforts towards Bitcoin(BTC) instead of just trading and selling it.

Melker predicts that the infrastructure bill has yet to be passed by the House of Reps and what’s more, the bill will most likely take up to 2 years to be passed. His advice is that this period could be leveraged by smart folks in the crypto industry.

Scott Melker has also included the Exchange Traded Fund in the string of factors giving Bitcoin (BTC)/and the crypto market in general a boost. One thing is sure though, if the ETF gets the green light from the U.S Securities Exchange Commission, this could mean change in a lot of things. It would one of the most unforgettable groundbreaking records in the crypto industry.

Some of Melker’s other predictions are:

  • Regulation of the Bitcoin (BTC) sector and acceptance of BTC as a regulated asset.
  • Growth of Bitcoin past its six-digit target to seven digits.
  • Replacement of Bitcoin (BTC) by Ethereum (ETH) at $30K.

The contribution of Ethereum (ETH) to the ‘action will see every sort of long-term and mid-long term shooting to the roof with a whole army of cryptos to spike skywards with.

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