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As the price of Bitcoin hits $50K, gems like Presearch, Aragon and IOTA keep exploding higher and the streak seems endless, Analysts are predicting that BTC price would soon surpass $50,000 as a bullish momentum pushes PRE, ANT, and MIOTA further up the price ramp.

This trend has been met with positive energy and the crypto market continues to rise. Worthy of note is the revamped discussions on a classic 2013-style double-pump rally thanks to these bullish developments. Speculations are that this double-pump rally could springboard the price of BTC past $100,000.

As it stands, the positive price action has not been restricted to the major two market leaders and many altcoins are rallying around. From Cointelegraph Markets Pro, their ‘altseason’ indicator shows that this momentum may continue for a while. Information collected from expert platforms like TradingView and Cointelegraph Markets Pro reveals the top gainers in the last 24 hours to be Aragon (ANT), IOTA (MIOTA), and Presearch (PRE).

For these three platforms, things are looking pretty good. Topping the trio is Presearch, a decentralized search engine powered by blockchain and highly propelled by its thriving community. Research allows its users to privately search and gain mouth-watering rewards for their actions. Currently, Presearch’s android app is set to launch on Chrome and it doesn’t just end there.

Before the recent spike in price VORTECS™ data from Cointelegraph Markets Pro noted a bullish propensity to PRE on the 1st of September. VORTECS™ Score is an algorithmic comparison of old and new market conditions generated from a combo of data looms such as Twitter activity, trading volume, price movements, and market sentiments.

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Not surprisingly, the price and momentum boost for Presearch came after the announcement that the Presearch Android app would be made available on Chrome and added to the ‘choice screen’ on factory reset phones.

Project Aragon has also been doing quite well, having recently bagged a partnership with Polygon. What are they all about? Aragon is an Ethereum network-based protocol centered on the development of decentralized autonomous organizations to assist projects to create governance structures that enable communities to participate in the growth of the protocol.

VORTECS™ data from Cointelegraph Markets Pro also noted a bullish propensity to ANT on the 1st of September before ANT began their jaw-dropping rise. This rise was particularly inspired by Aragon’s announcement of their Polygon partnership.

 The last of this trio, IOTA, is a distributed ledger protocol that leverages a proprietary tech known as Tangle. Tangle helps IOTA to carry out consensus and confirm transactions. According to Trading View and Cointelegraph Markets Pro, the price of MIOTA went up by 55% after touching a low point at $0.96 on the 1st of September. This price increase was valued at $1.50 by the 2nd of September as IOTA’s trading volume pushed by 234% to $681 million.

What prompted this interesting surge is the integration of the Hornet update which integrated a faucet plugin with the Hornet node and reintroduced the auto-peering option.

As of writing, the total market cap of all cryptocurrencies is valued at an impressive $2.214 trillion and Bitcoin is leading the match at 41.9%.

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